Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Words from Yesteryear

While I was going through my Weight Watcher logs I found these from 2009. Well, I didn’t stick to it on 2009 and continue to be fat. damn… I need to focus and stick to this diet. A friend of mine at work said that she is trying to eat healthy. I think that’s a better way to talk about this than to use the word diet. Funny I was just looking at the word diet and was thinking that the reason it has such a bad feeling is that the first 3 letters spell DIE…. Food for thought 🙂

Family and Stress

Written on 9/12/09

A few years ago my husband and me were going to go to Hawaii for an anniversary. We couldn’t afford it so we decided to take snorkeling lessons. That led us into scuba diving and it was so fun! We only scuba in the lakes in Montana but its an adventure. Well now I gained 40lbs and can’t breathe in my wet suit. I weighed 170lbs when we first started. The scuba outfit had to be made for me but it was worth the expense. We picked it up and of course it was flat like a pancake and looked huge. The man asked my husband if that looked like me. We laughed about it at the time. I swore that I would be able to lose the weight to wear one that could be bought off the shelf. Well guess what? Still not gonna happen! My husband has been cool about this for all this time. He still wants to keep doing it and we will.

He had a scary ride himself the last couple of years. We found out that he had cancer in his eye. Well STRESS CITY for me. We decided that he should have his eye removed to keep the cancer from spreading. The doctor said that if that worked it would save his life. If the cancer went into the blood stream he would have 6 months to live. The doctor’s comment “It sucks to be you!” Well we had the surgery and it was only located in the eye. That was good news. We celebrated his life and while he lost weight, I gained it. I think my body just is like a magnet and all the fat in the world seems to find me. I know it’s not my fault. That spoon of ice cream just miraculously finds its way into my hand and forces it in my mouth.

My plan is to decide how to cope with life stresses and to scuba!

Call the Doctor

Written on 9/12/2009

I work for doctors here and its a very busy office. We have lunches brought in every week from one pharmaceutical group or another and always have sweets and crunchy goodies in the break room.

Life is hard when you stress out. I have gained 50lbs while I worked there and I would be so excited to get down to 130lbs. I need to rethink my stress levels and try to do something instead of eating to feel better.

I tried to convince my practice manager to pay for a weight loss program (one of the delivered meal plans) I told him that I would be more attractive to the front office if I was thinner. He laughed with me and told me he couldn’t do that because he couldn’t do it for everyone. Sheesh!

This year and next year I am going to strive to make my goal. I will be excited to wear nice clothes and in a smaller size!



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