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Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Ups and Downs in Weight Loss

treadmillJanuary 26, I had a gain of .02 pounds but I am okay with it. I was home sick for the whole week before so I wasn’t on program.  I got back into the program and have been doing a good job. I am not drinking any Diet Coke this week to see if it will hep me with the weight loss. I was talking to Leah and she hasn’t had any diet soda since January and keeps losing steadily. I believe that diet soda is a bad drink for everyone. It seems to be the only link between overweight people. I never see skinny people drink diet coke or any soda for that matter. Most thin people drink water.

On to another subject… EXERCISE… I have started my exercise routine. I am walking on the treadmill “Baby Steps” I have begun with a 15 minute walk at 2.5 mph to begin with. I don’t want to push myself into having a heart attack since I am so inactive. I will add more speed or length of time walking. I am going to ask Danell if she will check with her trainer as to which way I should proceed. Duane worked on my treadmill on Saturday to line up the tracking so it wouldn’t slip while I was walking. He’s a pretty good support system. He can be negative but for the most part he helps me.

I had to write a note to Pat at WW to let her know I attended the meeting. I went to the early morning meeting on Saturday so I could babysit for Leah while she picked up her Bountiful Baskets. Well off to bed so I can get my 8 hours of  “Beauty Sleep” (God knows I can use any help I can get in that area) My goal this week is to stay within my points without using the weekly points and to drink water and no diet soda. I want to get to my first goal of a loss of 5 pounds since my adventure in WW.


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