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Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Active Link WW

active linkImage is a trademark of Weight Watchers I signed up to have the Active Link added to my WW program. I installed and downloaded the software and began my journey of tracking activity. I am supposed to spend 8 days of doing my normal routine before it clicks in and begins to track my moving activities. I am looking forward to see how this new tool will help me with tracking. I am using the WW app on my IPhone and it makes it a whole bunch easier to journal. I love the snap and track feature. The feature lets you take a picture of what you eat if you cannot journal right then and reminds you to add it to your food journal. I love technology!

Danell at work read my blog the other day and said that I should not get discouraged with the amount of weight I have to lose. She told me to look at it in small goals. I think that’s a good idea. I told her I am in it for the long-term even if it takes me a year to lose all the weight. She said not to give myself a long-term goal. Just follow through with a good eating program and exercise. Not to worry about the number on the scale.

Between Danell and my daughter I have a great support group. I am planning on going to the meetings and being accountable to a group so I can become a lifetime member. I should check what I wrote years ago with each new time I join WW… Funny, probably the same words. I always tell people my brother journals all the time and sometimes he repeats himself. We can almost tell you word for word because we are so programmed to what he says. I feel like David writing this paragraph. I have had maintained my points this week so far. I have used only two of the additional points for the week. I want to keep that low so I have a loss.

Teresa S at work asked me if I was wearing a new pair of pants yesterday. I told her that I didn’t want to buy new clothes because I have so many new smaller clothes in my closet. My first goal is to fit into smaller clothes. Can’t wait!


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