Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

On Journaling


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I am on day two of journaling in my weight watcher tracker. I have maintained the amount of points I am allowed each day. I told Leah what my points were and she was surprised I had such a low number. The leader at the meeting told me that due to my size and age that I would be on the lowest point value. Sheesh! But at least once I am used to the points I know that I never have to change my lifestyle. Not really a bad thing. I am anxious to get the Food Tracker and journal on-line. It will be easier to track on my iPhone. This time they have a lot of tools to use. The e tools include the tracking system, bar code scanner and a snap and track system so you can just take a photo of what you are going to eat and track it later. I think I will utilize that quite often.

They have a new tool to help get some activity in all of us couch potatoes. Its called an active link. You can upload all the information it gains from your movements. The idea is to wear it for 8 days without changing anything you do to get a base point. Then you start moving and it tells you how close you are to getting activity points. I havent had a chance to see what it does yet. Hopefully tomorrow I can sign into my tools and begin to utilize them. I can’t wait!

I plan on eating 5 meals a day (small ones) and build up my metabolism. I will pack my lunch the night before and eat breakfast before I go to work. My goal is to work on portion control. I have a terrible problem with that. I have begun to read labels on the food before I eat them and lo and behold… 1 can of Progresso soup is actually  2 servings… silly me. I eat the whole can. Lesson learned. The new plan allows you to eat fruit and vegetables with out points. I told Leah that a friend told me you shouldnt eat fruit after noon. She told me I don'[t think anyone has gotten fat by eating fruit. I agree but will use it in moderation after all points are points. A bunch of 0’s eventually add up to calories. Kind of like drinking diet coke. they say there isn’t any calories but seems to me that people who drink diet drinks have being fat in common. Strange concept. I just heard on the news the other day that most things that have certain sugars make you want to eat more food. (Corn syrup, fructose stuff like that)

Well my weigh in day will be on Saturdays. I am planning on attending the meetings Saturday mornings. Leah wont be in town this Saturday so I will go by myself. I will post my weight online to show my progress. Wish me luck!


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