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New Years 2013

new yearsWell here we go, another year gone. I have been watching my friends at work and online lose weight. Michelle and Danell have been inspirations at work and Summer who worked with me for a brief time at Five Valleys Urology has lost weight this year also. Michelle did the biggest loser contest we had at work and she continued to lose weight. She is looking great and is still not where she wants to be. She eats very healthy food choices and also exercises. She told me to start off slow but exercise every day.

Danell on the other hand joined a gym and has a trainer to help her stay focused. She is doing great also. She has a way to go but to see her progress is amazing. Her gym started off a “Biggest Loser contest” and the trainer she has, was making them do a lot of cardio and weights. Her body is transforming weekly. She is down a couple of sizes maybe three sizes by now. I love to watch them at work and see how they have become so sure of themselves. Funny how being overweight can control emotions and how we view ourselves. By losing pounds and inches we gain positive attitudes. My goal this year is to work out and eat healthy. I am joining Weight Watcher again this year and will start walking slowly at first but taking steps on my treadmill. With Michelle and Danell as inspiration I realize that 6 weeks isn’t very long. Each pound and inch that is lost will gain me self-respect and a positive attitude.

Summer B had a gastric bypass. She has lost 100 pounds so far. Congratulations on your decision to have the surgery Summer! Each of us face the weight loss differently and can have a great deal of support by talking to each other. I am very happy to know that I have a strong support system. Leah, my daughter joined Weight Watchers and I decided that I too would join. My plan is to attend the meetings and follow the program like I have never used it before. Kind of a virgin weight-watcher. Danell told me once that I could call her anytime I need to have someone to help me stay away from the sweets that call me out. Funny how we all have our favorites. Leah told me that her biggest downfall was potato chips. That is one thing I can give or take. but sweets… another story.

Well I got on the scale at WW and although I didn’t  want to see how much I weigh I looked at the scale. Looks like I have my hands full and need to do something before I end up having a heart attack or something worse. OUCH! I have almost 90 pounds to lose. Looks like I need to go one day at a time and know it’s not going to happen if I don’t do it. Wish me luck! I hope to have you see less of me each week!


One comment on “New Years 2013

  1. Summer
    January 9, 2013

    I know you can do it!!! Stay strong, and take it one day at a time. No matter what decision we have made to deal with our weight loss we are all fighting the same battle.

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