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Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Lost a pound… Found a pound

Well I woke up this morning and climbed onto my scale. Eyes closed tightly until I had to look. Down a pound…Whoo hooo… I even went to my Christmas party and stayed legal. I used all my points for the week but… that’s what they are for.
At work I did pretty good today. I had a muffin and banana for breakfast..Lunch I had a bagel and cream cheese and a small piece of steak, green beans, and a small baked potato dry. Then, I took the dog Pounder to the vet to have a tube in his ear removed and didn’t want to make dinner so off to McDonald’s for dinner. I had chicken nuggets and french fries. Did I have the regular one? No…I had it large-sized. 10 pc nuggets and large french fries. I ate 1/2 of the french fries and all of the nuggets. Did I really need a 10 piece meal… probably not. I would have enjoyed a 6 piece one but…no…the old habits creep up sometimes.
It’s the first of my week so If I am good for the rest of the week, I will be ok. I tracked them all so I ended up using all of my daily points and 13 of my weekly points. Better than before I would have counted everything but my McDonald meal and lie to myself.
I have to leave and take Matthew to the store. So have a super night and I will write more tomorrow.


One comment on “Lost a pound… Found a pound

  1. Jackie
    December 13, 2011

    It’s hard when you are there and you know you should get the small but something tells you at the last second to get the large…been there….done that…but you counted them so you’re all good 🙂

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