Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Party…Party…Party… Ho…Ho…Ho…

My day started at work and everyone was super excited about the Griz game. We were all decked out in our maroon and silver for the big day. First thing that happened was one of our accounts brought in a beautiful box of goodies for the group. Very nice of them but not to good for me. I did refrain from them and told myself it’s not the end of the world I can have one if I really want one…I have to count the points and enjoy! My thought today was do I really want to use my points today or save them for our Christmas party tonight. I took a picture of them instead 🙂

Not as satisfying but its ok. I know I can always have them. I can be proud of my decision to not eat the box 🙂

I made some good decisions to eat lunch at work and not go to one of the fast food Restaurants that haunt our area. So many to choose from, but again every one of them have food that will work with the points system.

We were able to close the practice early so we could get ready for our annual Five Valleys Urology Christmas party. It’s always fun. I called Leah (my date) and picked her up. We were supposed to be there around 6pm but we had an awesome trip around the area surrounding “The Keep” a very nice Restaurant. Yep you guessed it I drove way past it and ended up way hell and gone on the mountain. We did enjoy the view of Missoula. How pretty it is at night with all the lights. It is a very wealthy area with huge homes all lit up in the christmas lights. I probably could be FORCED to live up there.  We did arrive about 6:30pm to find most of the practice watching the Griz game. GO GRIZ!!!

I dropped of my purse at the table that Julie J saved for us and wandered greeting everyone and did the normal “chit-chat” on the way to the back of the room to drop off my gift for the “Ruthless” gift exchange. It’s a real battle to get the best gift and keep it. The appetizers were steak strips with hot mustard, artichoke parmesan dip with pita crisps and mushrooms with a small amount of parmesan cheese. I knew after lunch I had 16 points and 44 weekly points left for the day so I ambled over and consumed about 14 points and one virgin bloody mary. Not to bad…

Dinner was very good, I had the prime rib, mashed garlic potatoes, spinach salad, sautéed carrots and green beans, baguette, and a desert of apple blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream. point value of dinner OUCH! 32… so total of 26 daily  points and 44 weekly points That leaves me only 4 weekly points left for Saturday and Sunday and THAT’S GREAT! I stayed legal and enjoyed a very delightful meal 🙂

My gift was a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Nobel and a bag of Carmel Kisses. I was afraid that Laura was going to steal it back from me when she got to have the last choice of the evenings gifts. She grabbed one of the packages and lo and behold Yep… you guessed it a BARNES AND NOBEL GIFT CERTIFICATE for $25 and chocolates… I survived and we both left happy. She did tell me as we left that if she hadn’t picked that gift mine would have been HERS!.

I finished the night by giving Leah a ride home at which time James brought my little grandson out to say hello. We drove around the block and kissed and hugged when they departed. I ran upstairs to the bedroom… well ambled… and snuck over to Duane’s side of the bed and placed the Carmel Kisses in his nightstand drawer. Sleep came easily…


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