Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Oh…Goodness 4am And Can’t Sleep

Whats that about… Sheesh! I must be awake because I didn’t write on my site yesterday. Guilt of not keeping up…It used to be guilt from cheating on my diet. I have been doing pretty good tracking and making sure I am not eating a bunch of bad bad foods…

My daughter Leah checks up on my points sometimes and asks where’s the vegetables and fruits mom. Shes like the little angel on my shoulder who whispers in my ear “Good job mom”.

I hate the little devil who seems to whisper “come on Julie, it’s one stupid bite, one bite wont hurt…YA THINK???” I look to my left and to my right to see which one I will listen to. For the most part good always wins over bad. I think if I could have found something sweet and gooey tonight I would have taken a deep breath and blew really hard to knock the good angel down. Good thing I couldn’t find anything in my cupboards. I think it was a boredom thing. I guess that I NOT ONLY want to eat under STRESS…BOREDOM does come into the picture. What to do? Blog of course!

We have a couple of things going on Friday night. In Montana we have two big play off games. Both of the big rival teams are in the playoffs. We are Griz Fans in Missoula and the Bobcats are in Bozeman. BIG TIME RIVALS! We are each playing different teams tonight. Last week we couldn’t watch it on TV but tonight we can. After tonight off to the Championship game. It will be fun if it ends up with Griz/Bobcats WOO HOO!

The Christmas party for work is also tonight. We have a big screen TV being brought in so we can all keep up with the game while celebrating Christmas with our friends and family. I do love Christmas time.

I made sure to save some points on my WW plan so I can enjoy the dinner that is provided by our doctors. We have our party at The Keep. It’s a very nice restaurant in Missoula and the menu is very WW friendly. Mantra tonight…again the same as the last one. Everything in moderation…repeat it with each bite tonight Miss Julie…chew food many times to enjoy it… slow down and enjoy and savor every morsel. Enjoy the evening and friends and try to remember it’s not all about food.We have a great time with our gift exchange. It is always a challenge keeping the present you get that you really want. You wouldn’t think we would fight for the gifts but we are a ruthless group. I guess you really find out who your friends are. It’s all good fun though and we all manage to go home with a nice gift

I do love the good little angel who prods me with all the good reasons to stay on my diet. I may have to knock the bad angel off of my other shoulder at the party. Temptation will be very hard tonight. Decisions, decisions.


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