Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Shadows In The Moonlight….

Curious thing happened to me on the way out of the office. I was walking to my car and saw a shadow… a SKINNY shadow… I had this gleeful feeling when I saw it. I thought… Wow look, it’s a SKINNY JULIE!!! I had to literally stop and stare at the shadow It was me, yes me… I am so excited by such a stupid thing. It actually gave me some extra willpower to stay on my diet. Now every time I see the right shadow I will always remember the Skinny Jule. I don’t want to see the other shadow. You know the one. It makes you very short and stubby. Already been that shadow. My first thought when I saw the shadow was Peter Pan. What am I smoking you ask… hummm? NOT…no special brownies either 🙂 Just the pure feeling of excitement and joy. Maybe the season or just hoping

Tonight’s dinner frozen french fries, a burger patty and green beans. 11 point dinner

Danell and Teresa and I decorated the office a touch today. It sure brings smiles to the patients. I love the season. Thanks Danell for all your pretty decorations.

Challenge for me at the office is the drug reps and all the holiday goodies they bring. I need to refrain or count points. Probably count points… I know that I will sneak eat them if I pretend that they aren’t there. Lord Help Me! Maybe we will be lucky and no one will bring in anything. 🙂


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