Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Yummy Lunch at Work… Yep a Drug Rep Lunch…

Today we had a terrific lunch from The Mustard Seed (those in Montana) know that they have really good food. I did very good and had a green salad with cucumbers and ranch dressing and portion of sweet and sour chicken and a small portion of noodles. I stayed within my portion size and tracked 12 points for lunch today.

I have to eat my meatloaf sandwich for dinner tonight so it doesn’t get wasted. I have another challenge this week, our Christmas Party is on December 8th. Good food choices on the menu… All things in moderation… all things in moderation…all things in moderation. (My mantra for that night). I am bringing my daughter Leah with me so she will be my support for the night.

My goal is to continue to lose weight this week also so… I will be good.

I added a website that I frequent all of the time to my site. It is Roni’s Weigh. I actually got the idea for this site from her site. I emailed her yesterday to see if I could add hers to my site. She said of course and BY THE WAY…GOOD JOB ON THE SITE. That made me happy since she is such a professional website blogger. If you have a chance and are interested in weight loss you will enjoy her site. She has very useful information.

I am sitting at my coworkers desk writing this blog and the radio is softly playing Christmas carols. I can hardly wait for the Christmas holiday. I love watching people. My grandkids bring a lot of excitement to the holiday and watching the sugar plums dance in their heads is fun. The only thing I have noticed is the older the children know how far they can push everyone and still get gifts šŸ™‚ glad it comes only once a year!

Well its time for me to go to work so I will write again tomorrow. Thanks for all of the support, I really appreciate it.



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