Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

December…New Weight Watcher Program Today

Well I went online today to the WW site and was catching up with their new program. I have been doing my plan wrong the last couple of weeks and now I need to read up on their plan and start using the correct number of points. Sheesh…When I first joined it showed I had 29 daily points and 40 something weekly points. If I don’t lose anything this week it’s because I was counting wrong. Man oh man… that makes me very upset. They have a list of what they call power food. I think that it would be equivalent to the core system.

I am going to read up on the new plan and follow it. I would like to see how it works. My points are lower but you can have fruits and vegetables. I struggle with vegetables. I forget that my refrigerator has carrots, cauliflower, radishes, broccoli. Crazy I throw it out after a couple of weeks and then have to buy it again. Sheesh what a waste!

I am still having a tough time with stress. Work has been stressful this last week. I hate that. I just want to drown myself in goodies. I fight the urge most of the time. We have been busier and the attitude around work has been a little strange. I don’t know whats going on. Each day changes so next week I hope will be easier. Well nuff said.

Wow only 23 days left until Christmas I can’t believe it. I have started my Christmas shopping last week, oh yeah…Black Friday 🙂 I have a couple of the kids finished.

My TV that I bought last year for Christmas is going out. I have to return it before the warranty runs out. Always something… At least they will replace the TV if they can’t fix it.


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