Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

The End of Another Month… Sheesh!

Well today is November 30, 2011 who would have thought that the year would go by so fast. I think that we just wish time away. I saw a movie years ago (a cartoon) about how we wish time away and the clock keeps moving forward with each wish. I wish it was tomorrow, I wish it was Friday, I wish the weekend would hurry up. Before you knew it the time would go by faster and faster because EVERYONE keeps wishing for another time in their life. WHOA… let’s enjoy each day as it comes instead of having them whoosh away in front of our eyes. I hate that I wake up in the morning and have to work 8 hours… go home and spend a couple of wake hours and then sleep city. We start it over each day and do the same thing. I think we should have more hours in the day. Winter is the worst because you wake up when its dark and leave work when its dark.

I made spaghetti for dinner tonight. It was pretty good. Not much going on tonight. I am going to bring Joshua a singing bear tonight to see what he thinks of it. It’s a Christmas bear who raps. Cute 🙂

Duane will love it I am sure 🙂

Julie J came back to work today after being gone for a couple of weeks due to a surgery. She looks pretty tired. She made it the whole day that surprised me. I figured she would go home early.

Well all for now. I am kind of burnt out. We have another busy day at work tomorrow. I do feel blessed working with the girls I work with. We have a pretty good staff and work as a team.

Hummm strange I looked at my post and its dated December 1 I didn’t even wish it to be that day… What a sucky deal 😦


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