Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Happy Thanksgiving Yes… One Holiday Done!

Ok, let’s start out with wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for. Great family, super kids and grand-kids and of course super great grand kids. Wow. Seems like that makes me older. But… Hurray for aging. Aging is one of the things I embrace. I love getting older! That’s seems strange to a bunch of people but I love it! I feel I get wiser with each new year. I know that there are those who would disagree with that statement but as long as I believe it that’s all that counts. Duane isn’t one to embrace age. Funny he hates it. I guess all men don’t like to get older. He told me once that he didn’t like that he was older. Made me laugh. I promised him that I would age with him and stopped dying my hair 10 years ago. Still don’t have much silver but I know that when it does change it will be beautiful silver hair like my Grandma had. She was a beautiful woman. Very much a lady. My mom never had gray hair. She died young and didn’t have a chance to go silver. I am not sure that she would have though. She was part Eskimo and it seems like their hair got blacker with age. Don’t understand it but such is life. We had dinner at Leah’s again this year. I enjoy it. I made a goal this year not to eat as much as I usually do and I fulfilled that goal. I didn’t lose any weight but I didn’t gain any either. I will take that! I did enjoy some pumpkin pie. I didn’t want to give up all the great goodies and then eat them by myself in the closet 🙂 . We went out for Black Friday. What a joke. The stores opened at 12:00am and we had to fight with the normal shoppers who go out but…you had to add drunks and men to the group of black friday shoppers. NOT FUN.I had my ankles hit with carts from MEN not women. At least when women shop they don’t run into you. Men were angry because they were suckered into going instead of being fast asleep at 5am. Give me the old Black Friday hours anytime. Much easier to shop with the professionals. Well all for now. I am at work and will post again later.

I am anxious for the next holiday!


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