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How Much Is Too Much Food?

I was reading an article the other day about meals, snacks and how much a person eats. It said that people who are overweight eat less meals than those who are skinny. Funny thought.

Since I am a lifetime dieter and I have read so many articles about dieting I have come to the conclusion that all diets state you should eat up to six meals a day including: breakfast, snack, lunch, midday snack, dinner, snack. Most of the articles or diets say that the sixth meal is usually optional.

The reason for all the meals is to keep your metabolism high. The fewer the meals you eat the more you are likely to fill up with larger meals and higher calories and just gorge yourself. When you eat all the time you eat less at all your meals. I have tried so many diets in my life time and the ones where I am never hungry are the ones I eat every two hours. I know that when we have babies we feed them on a two-hour schedule that is the way we should eat.

I am always amazed when I watch other people eat where I work. Everyone who is skinny seem to eat all the time and eat smaller portions. I was watching one of the doctor’s where I work when we had a lunch brought in. He took a half a cup of soup and a half of a sandwich it filled him up. I took a full cup of soup and a whole sandwich. Looking back I think that his lunch would have been enough for me also.

My goal this coming week is to weigh and measure everything that I eat, try to eat snacks that are healthy, track my food intake and drink plenty of water.



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