Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Yummm chocolate chip cookies

Well, Trevor spent the night with us last night and we baked chocolate chip cookies. Trevor actually made everything with me watching over him. He’s a good little cook. While he lived with us when Leah was in Seattle with Joshua he helped me cook most of the dinners. I start it with him beside me and then he kind of does the hip move pushing me aside to take over. I figure that it’s a good thing for a boy to learn so someday he wont starve to death when he gets a home of his own.

I counted the points and each cookie is about 3 points apiece. I had to try them so 4 cookies later and 12 points I had enough. Points and cookies. I did count them so I am still on track. Yeah Garfield! should have planned better so I could enjoy some dinner tonight. Just kidding…

I took Trevor to Walmart for his birthday present today. He picked out a remote control 4 wheeler to play with. The batteries kill me it was 20. for batteries. I bought rechargeable so it would save a bit of money later. Hope he remembers to bring them to the house to charge them.

Bobcat Griz game today. We whooped ass. Go Griz… the score was 36-10! Yes! So now we won our division and tied for first place.

Dinner tonight is potato soup.


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