Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Yes its the weekend!

Sheesh…I am so glad the weekend has finally arrived. Winter has snuck up on us and it’s still fall.The temperature is 9 degrees tonight and the wind is blowing. The roads are black ice and it really sucks. Why is it when it gets super cold outside your gas gauge is on empty?

The weekend looks like it may be cold but the Griz game will be televised and we will be nice and warm watching it on TV. Go Griz!…

Danell, Melanie, Teri and I are going to see the movie “Breaking Dawn” on Sunday afternoon. We are looking forward to it. So movies…popcorn and diet soda. Goal to watch the movie and share the popcorn with everyone so I can only eat a small amount instead of and entire bucket. I am so excited to see the movie. “Team Edward”

I made a pot of potato soup tonight. I went to the Weight Watcher site and built the recipe and it turns out that 1 cup equals 10 points. Ouch! but it was so good. Freezing cold outside and hot soup to warm your hands and tummy.  (a perfect combination)

So at work today one of our patients brought us a treat from Black Cat Bakery. I walked into the break room to put my things away and apple strudel and cherry strudel were staring me down. I normally would have had one whole piece at breakfast and sneak back later for another piece. Today I had 1/2 of a slice. Yes! One of the doctors said he went in with the idea to eat 1/2 of a slice but inhaled the whole slice in one sitting. I told him I was dieting and took 1/2 of a slice and he said “Good willpower” I was pretty proud of myself for not inhaling more that I wanted. Funny thing if you just take a small piece you want to really savor it so you have to eat it slowly and enjoy each bite. It was yummy.

My grandson Trevor is spending the night tonight so he can stay with us for the game. He told me he would help me make some cookies…. “screams… aarrrggg…bites the knuckles…ok… I have it together again…

Well all for tonight. Sweet dreams… hummm… wonder why everything has to have “sweet” in it . Dieters nightmare!


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