Julie's Weigh…Time to Git Er Done…

Redneck phrase meaning to go ahead and complete a task

Points or no Points

Kind of like to be or not to be. I think a famous writer wrote that line… yeah yeah, I know who wrote that line 🙂

Well today I bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers online. They have a new program that I havent tried before. I hope that it will work for me. I have a 3 month membership so I will give it my all.

Today at work we had a lunch. It was good. I stayed legal with my meal. I was pretty proud of myself. I will start journaling my food next week. It will take me a little time to get my site together. I plan on adding my journal planner to the site so I can just print out what I eat and have it look like the original WW planner.  I am tracking what I am eating I just wont put it in the site until next week. I am drinking a ton of water and hope for at least a loss of some kind next Monday when I weigh in.

Shawne thank you ‘ for joining my site. I need to get some input so i stay strong. Funny huh? you would think you just follow the diet and lose weight. It sure doesn’t seem to work that way. I always think that if people don’t see me It doesn’t count. Sure. That’s the way it should be. Leah is always telling me I need to slow down and enjoy what I eat and… to exercise.

My grandson had his 10th birthday yesterday. My challenge was to enjoy a small piece of cake (Trevor baked it) and a small scoop of ice cream. Yes! I did it and realized I don’t have to eat half of the cake and a couple of cups of ice cream. Score one for me 🙂


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